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Hey foxes!  I'm Lisa, the woman behind The Sober Hipster.  A full sleeve wife to Lori living in Portland, OR.

Most people know me as a paralegal, activist and artist or maybe the woman who came out at 40 or the woman that was once a youth director in a local church or youth specialist in a girls foster home.  Or perhaps as the server turned bartender turned restaurant manager in a place called The Villages.  

But few know me as the little girl pressured to be attracted to boys, sneaking wine coolers and keeping girl crushes closer than secrets.  They don't fully know the woman who did her best for 17 years to make a marriage to a great guy work.... or the amount of time spent in treatment and living at a sober house with other recovering addicts where I spattered my painful truth and story on canvases of all kinds through art therapy.  

The woman that left her career, moved to a new town, and found The Refuge (literally the name of the treatment center) in 2013 carried with her that same little girl full of confusion, deep wounds and a bottle of vodka left a woman brave, confident and empowered to face the future without depending on any substance to be loved or live loved.  I'm ready for you to meet her.  I'm ready to be transparent and let you know how I'm navigating through recovery and living as a member of the LGBTQ= community in Portland.  Maybe even strengthen you when you feel like you can't be you.  But most of all, I want to encourage you to not be ashamed of your story because it will inspire others.

You matter.  Your story matters. 

Meet the Sober Hipster.

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Empowering your journey of recovery + creativity. 

Working with Lisa and The Story Box have been inspirational to our clients. Lisa’s authenticity in sharing her experience helps the clients connect to her. The carefully crafted tools within the box serve as guides for clients who may not know how to begin the storytelling process in a fun and gentle manner. These (art therapy) groups are useful to allow clients to get to know each other and discover the positive strengths within themselves. Lisa’s creative and intuitive nature helps put clients in a place where they are ready to do their work.
— Isabel Rehak, CEO, The Refuge
With The Story Box, Lisa invites us to start telling our unique stories. By offering a variety of simple yet powerful tools and creative cues than anyone can relate to, The Story Box is both transforming individual lives and contributing to the rapidly growing movement of people realizing their true potential.
— Dawn Nickel, Founder, She Recovers
Storytelling is empowering. Having a way to express ourselves through tools like The Story Box makes storytelling and learning about ourselves accessible to everyone. It’s great.
— Alexis (Manhattan, New York)