A Fox, a Box and A Story

I walked into the post office yesterday like it was Christmastime, my arms filled with packages and my heart bursting with excitement.  It was shipping day!!!  The postmaster, however, did not reciprocate my enthusiasm.  Instead, he looked at the stacks of boxes and envelopes and questioned why I chose his post office.  "Well, I pass through the town of Christmas on my way to see family and it seemed like the perfect location!".  Clearly I was mistaken.  When the postmaster discovered I also had international shipments, he sighed and handed me a bunch of cards and explained I needed to fill one out for each package.  He also made sure to explain how I could have done this ahead of time online and now he would have to enter each one himself.  A few minutes later another customer came in the post office, saw the packages and said, "The Sober HIpster, huh?" I smiled politely and said, "Yes!"  He laughed and walked away.  Really??  As we were wrapping up, the postmaster advised that under normal circumstances I would not be able to mail so many packages at one time.  "The post office has limits on how many items you can ship in a day??" I thought to myself.  It certainly wasn't the experience I had hoped for, but it did make me stop and think about why I started The Sober Hipster and chose to use a fox, a box and a story. 

A FOX.  Once I decided on the name The Sober Hipster, I knew I wanted to use a fox in the logo and branding.  A hip fox wearing a fedora and glasses (like me, lol).  Later I decided to google what foxes symbolize and was stoked to learn that the Celts believed the fox to be a guide and would rely upon it in the spirit world.  This is cool because I see The Story Box as a guide for women in recovery.                

A BOX.  I personally experienced the power of art therapy while going through an intesive outpatient program.  Every Friday was art therapy.  We would work on our projects in the morning and then present them in group therapy in the afternoon.  It was my favorite time of the week.  In fact, I would often keep working on my project at the sober house over the weekend.  In November 2014, my wife, Lori (we were just friends at the time) wanted to get me a creative gift to celebrate my one year of recovery.  But she couldn't find anything.  So when I decided to start this business, I thought why not make something that doesn't exist.  A tool that combines creativity + recovery and can be purchased online and delivered to your doorstep.  A gift for yourself or someone you love.  And The Story Box was born.  

A STORY.  My story is woven throughoutout everything I'm doing as The Sober Hipster.  I love t-shirts with sayings, journals, pens, tattoos, meditation, music, mixed media art, and being creative.  All of these make up The Story Box.  Story is what connects us to each other.  We find ourselves in the stories of others.